At Dial a CFO we are always interested in meeting with skilled finance professionals who:


  • Previously operated as the head of finance for a medium sized New Zealand business (CFO or Financial Controller);
  • Are able to apply learning from working within larger businesses with smaller entities in so far as is relevant;
  • Can demonstrate business improvement initiative;
  • Possess breadth of experience across the wider business – Corporate services restructuring, driving commercial initiatives and managing risk;
  • Are committed to helping drive the “Dial a CFO” business model in preference to full time employment;
  • Demonstrate sound interpersonal skills;
  • Are willing to relocate in accordance with Client requirements.

In return we offer the following:


  • A brand that stands for quality, innovation, flexibility, and customer centric behaviour;
  • An established framework of Associates that continue to promote the Dial service offering;
  • On-going opportunities including access to assignments not available through alternate channels;
  • A network of professionals committed to assisting one another;
  • A commitment to present you to Clients in an honest manner and at a transparent value you are prepared to work for;
  • The opportunity to achieve work / lifestyle balance;
  • Financial compensation for introducing new business to Dial a CFO.
Becoming a Dial a CFO Associate

The process to become a Dial a CFO Associate is as follows:

In the event both parties wish to proceed;
  •  A membership application fee of $1,500 (plus GST) is raised to cover the cost of:
    • Obtaining references
    • Completing and assessment of the Omnia online personality profile - you are provided with a copy of this
    • Printing Dial a CFO business cards
    • An electronic Dial signature for email correspondence
    • Administration associated with joining Dial - email account set up, website maintenance for Profile
  • In the event your application is unsuccessful, a pro-rata refund will be made after costs are recovered
  • A personal Dial email account is set up and Dial business cards printed;
  • You are emailed confirming your admission as a Dial a CFO Associate
Please note that admission and on-going membership is at the sole discretion of the Dial Principal.

Associate Application and Declaration.pdf 29.1KB