The Dial Client experience


Why pick up the phone?

Usually one of three scenarios occur to prompt our Clients to pick up the phone.

  1. They understand the value that a CFO / Finance Director contributes to a business,  but they require it on a part time basis only - Our CFO's are available from one hour per month to full time for as long as you need them.
  2. They have, or have previously had a CFO but that person is not available - either because they have resigned or they might be seconded to a project  and a fresh perspective is required on the role.
  3. A commercial or governance change management project is required involving either a single Associate or Team to address an agreed scope of activity.


Our first meeting

We meet with all our Clients and talk through your requirements.  All meetings are followed up by an Engagement Proposal that states our understanding of what you need and we include estimated costs associated with the service. 


We use this Engagement Proposal to brief our Team of Associates to find the right technical and business cultural fit. Typically we present 2 or 3 Associates that are a good fit for your requirements.  Upon interviewing and selecting the preferred Associate, terms are negotiated and agreed with us and evidenced as a three way agreement involving your organisation, our Associate, and Dial a CFO.


Our Associate commences the engagement and is managed by you as thought they are an Employee but without the responsibility this entails.  A separate senior Dial Associate provides a quality assurance overview during the assignment ensuring that the assignment remains on track. - there being no additional charge for this service.


At the end of the engagement a de-brief is completed with all parties present to identify what went well and what we could improve on.


Retention of Knowledge
Within Dial, our Clients often express a desire to retain our Associates with on- going involvement in their business - given that trust is established and knowledge (IP)  relating to the Client and industry.  Sometimes this is structured by subsequent project work however on other occasions involvement in an Advisory or Full Board appointment is preferred.  We encourage long term immersion in our Clients' businesses on the proviso that value continues to be generated.

Given the breadth and depth of the Dial Associate pool,  we are usually able to provide the CFO and Governance offering by two different Associates at the same time where this is required.